Meet the Staff

Geanita Birks


Geanita has assisted individuals with disabilities for over 45 years in the Human Service field. In 2001, Geanita decided to take her vision and desire to enrich the lives of individuals to the next level by beginning her own company. Within the next few years, her company continued to expand into the surrounding districts, adding many specialized staff whom possess the same desire to assist others in succeeding. Geanita has a unique ability to identify and creatively accommodate individual needs. Her generosity and passion emanates throughout her staff, creating a solid working "team", whose sole purpose is the success of others.

Donna Roylance

Assistant Director

Donna has supported individuals with disabilities in various arenas, including, but not limited to Supported Employment, Family Support services, Respite Care services since 1993. With Donna's charismatic personality, she has represented Choice in the CRP field, with business leaders and state advocates. Her 20 years in Human Resources have developed the ability to relate well with her staff and given her the wisdom to assemble an experienced team of Employment Specialist who pride themselves in their successful job placement percentages.

Laurie Jaussi

Regional Director

Laurie takes a personal interest in each of her clients, respecting each individual's needs. She offers specialized staff to extend to as many customers' individual needs as possible. Laurie has established a vast knowledge of urban and rural employment opportunities. She also brings a broad knowledge base of community resources, such as, assisting individuals with disabilities in applying for Social Security, applying for Vocational Rehabilitation services, understanding their benefits, by referring to a Benefits Specialist, applying and understanding EPAS, understanding long term supports (DSPD & SWI), understanding residential supports, evaluating current situations and advising/assisting on how to obtain needed services, identifying community resources, etc. Laurie is a member of the UDOWD advisory committee and has a strong desire and commitment to ensure ex-offenders are becoming productive members of society. UDOWD is an advisory and working group composed of fellow public agencies, community partners, and employers with the goal of helping offenders obtain and maintain jobs.

Jason Roylance

Regional Director

Jason's outreach and networking for the past 10 years have provided Choice with lasting community connections. He has developed trusting relationships with employers which has proven successful for both the employer and the clients we serve. Jason specializes in placing the ex-offender clientele. His involvement with the UDOWD advisory committee ensures access to the most recent work incentives, etc. available for employers who hire ex-offenders. UDOWD is an advisory and working group composed of fellow public agencies, community partners, and employers with the goal of helping offenders obtain and maintain jobs.


DSPD Supervisor

Christina brings nearly 10 years of dedication to the Choice team, however, she has worked in the Human Service field for over 15 years. Her primary focus has been with Choice DSPD clientele, while transitioning our Vocational Rehabilitation customers into DSPD services. Christina works with her staff to ensure each client receives quality supports, building independence and self-confidence. Christina considers her team to be experts at job developing and at providing long term supports.


Regional Supervisor/CPR First Aide Trainer

Heather brings 16 years Human Service experience to the Choice support team. She has implemented the Welfare to Work program, assisting individuals in overcoming various barriers to employment. Heather has extensive knowledge of community resources, such as housing, day care programs, work incentives, assistive technology, the EPAS program, social security, etc. Heather works very well with individual client needs, specializing in autism, TBI and social anxieties. Having been employed as a coordinator of a group home, Heather taught daily living skills, such as, cooking, laundry, budgeting money. She has written PCP plans. Heather is also our CPR/FA trainer, training each staff to understand the emergency response procedures.

Lori Ann

Regional DSPD Supervisor

As a flight attendant for many years, Lori Ann has developed the interpersonal skills and patience essential in serving these diverse individuals. She has been a valuable asset to our DSPD customers who need the development of natural supports in the work place. Her creativity in workplace accommodations has proven invaluable. She truly has the gift of "thinking outside the box."


Regional Supervisor

Summer provides supported employment services for individuals with mental and/or physical disabilities, with a focus on individuals with past criminal offenses who have paid their debt to society and wish to live a healthy productive lifestyle. Summer is also a member of the UDOWD advisory committee. UDOWD is an advisory and working group composed of fellow public agencies, community partners, and employers with the goal of helping offenders obtain and maintain jobs.


Regional Supervisor

Denise brings a diverse spectrum of experience to the Choice team. She offers a strong background in office administration, which appeals greatly to those seeking a position in the office professional field. Having been a corrections officer for a juvenile detention center, she has learned to facility constructive interaction with family members and younger adults. Denise has taken the bull by the horns and developed a strong working relationship with the employers in the Cache and Box Elder counties.


Employment Consultant

Linda offers the ability to relate to a diverse population. Her life experiences have given her unique insight into the specialized needs of many individuals. Linda has great interpersonal skills that immediately provides the necessary connection with the individuals she serves. Linda has a grandson and a nephew with special needs, finding personal satisfaction in advocating for those with special needs in the community and the right to be treated equally.


DSPD Regional Supervisor

Carri provides a strong background in Human Resources and brings her own personal experience, as a mother of an adult child with a disability. Her pleasant and patient disposition opens the door for productive communication between support staff, parents, counselors, support coordinators, and the client. Carri has assembled a compassionate DSPD team, who work well with the many agencies involved in providing their clients with a successful employment environment.


Employment Consultant

Jeri has the reputation of a real "go getter". She is well versed on the tax incentives offered to employers and has developed a presentation package for that specific purpose. Working in retail management since 1983, Jeri knows what employers need and what motivates them when hiring an individual. She has had 7 years experience working with individuals with special needs. Jeri finds it challenging and satisfying working with ex-offenders, helping people move beyond their mistakes proving they can be a productive member of society.


Employment Consultant/German Translator

Sue has over 7 years experience working in public service with a diverse group of individuals, including individuals with disabilities. Sue has earned a BA in Sociology and has previous experience in Career Counseling. Sue's passion for assisting others in achieving their employment goals, has proven a great asset to the Choice team.


Employment Consultant/Spanish Translator

We are privileged to include Frank as part of our team. Frank conducts career counseling interviews and provides employment-related resources to customers on a daily basis. Frank has helped broaden the client base we are able to assist with his bilingual skills. Frank's experience spans over the past 10 years in assisting individuals with differing backgrounds, including ex-offenders.


Employment Consultant

Kaye brings over 30 years experience working with individuals with disabilities, as well as a personal experience, as a parent of an adult child with a disability. She has spent the last several years teaching a super charged career class. Kaye specializes in training individuals in presenting themselves to employers.


Employment Consultant

As one of our younger staff, Halie has proven invaluable in relating to the younger adult community. She takes her responsibility as a role model very seriously and presents herself professionally on a daily basis. Halie's experience with our DSPD customers involves assisting individuals with daily living skills and activities. Outside the workplace, Halie also furthers her dedication to improving the quality of life of the special needs community by teaching a special needs dance class.


Employment Consultant

Barb offers 8 years of instruction and experience working with individuals with mental and physical challenges. She has been an effective liaison between clients and employers creating a positive natural support system. Barb proves to be a strong advocate for her clients, treating each one with dignity and respect. We are happy to have her on our team.


Employment Consultant

With nearly 10 years experience providing vocational instruction for the developmentally challenged, Deb has established herself in the business community as a caring, reliable employment advocate. She prides herself in her organizational skills and ability to provide client integration into community programs. She gears her instruction towards self-empowerment and job skills readiness.


Office Assistant

When Dana is not off at college playing volleyball and softball, she is in our Salt Lake office scanning, filing, scheduling appointments and keeping us all from being buried under the paperwork. Needless to say, our Salt Lake staff really look forward to the summers.


Employment Consultant

Not only does Ann bring work experience and education in the Human Services field, she also brings over 20 years experience on a personal level, as a foster parent and child advocate for children with disabilities. In doing so, Ann has networked and volunteered with many community organizations involving individuals with disabilities. She has set up a mother's support group at the local school for mothers of children with disabilities. Ann has also trained Guide Dogs for the Blind. With Ann's personal experience, she is a wonderful liaison and support person for any parent.


Employment Consultant

Having retired from the retail community, Doug has found fulfillment serving individuals with disabilities through Choice for the past 3 years. He has built community connections over the years and knows what it takes to gain and maintain employment as a senior in today's world. Doug is known to have a tender heart and relates very well with those seeking employment in their senior years.


Employment Consultant/ASL (American Sign Language) Translator

Dannell has nearly 10 years experience working with individuals with disabilities. With her ability to speak ASL, Dannell has been vital in communicating with our hearing impaired individuals. Dannell works very well with our DSPD clientele and her clients absolutely love working with her.


Office Administrator

Betty's tasks are unending. She keeps us all in order and up-to-date with our personnel requirements, testing requirements, etc. etc. etc.